The store is founded by LIC residents Jun & Yui, who have lived in the neighborhood with their two children for over a decade. Jun is the owner of wholesaler Kuroshio which sells fresh fish to many of the top sushi restaurants in the city. As such he is able to source and import many unique treasures not available elsewhere such as uni from Hokkaido and maguro from Oma – known as the king of tuna in Japan – both of which are flown in fresh several times a week. Also premium soy sauces and condiments, as well as a few sundry items.

In addition they will offer unique types of fresh sashimi and sushi, as well as some that are more accommodating to American tastes such as rolls. The specific offerings will depend on the season, because like produce there are also four seasons of fish.

Mogmog is akin to YumYum in English. The idea for this store has been in the making for a long time, as a mother Yui has longed for these items to be available closer to home, and available to the people of her neighborhood. She and Jun as well as their store manager Yoichi have long wanted to introduce the community to these fresh ingredients that will make everyone happy and healthy.

They are hoping to be open by early December and you can follow their progress as well as send greetings and requests at their Instagram site @MogMog.lic

//The NYC Marathon is back for it’s 50th anniversary this year and the quintessential New York experience will be marching straight through LIC Sunday morning and early afternoon. You may not be able to run a mile, but you can grab an extra hour of sleep and then hobble over to Vernon Boulevard to cheer those just past the halfway mark of 26.2. As we say every year, it’s the one contest where everyone truly deserves a participation trophy – and your support!