Mogmog exclusive Hinamatsuri Special.

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Mogmog exclusive Hinamatsuri Special.
icca Special Roll Set
by kazushige Suzuki, the executive sushi chef at icca
@icca_nyc @sushichefkazu
icca is an Omakase restaurant of intent and inspiration. Each element speaks to the desire of Michelin Star awarded Sushi Chef Kazushige Suzuki, and his team who amazes and delights our guests.
Chef Kazu serves a seasonal and innovative Omakase menu that includes the finest fish air-shipped from the Toyosu Market in Japan.
Chef Kazu helped a lot during the opening of @mogmog.lic
We can't find the words to thank you enough.
icca Special Roll Set
-Chumaki, roll on top
Shiso, Kuruma Ebi(Japanese Tiger Prawn), tamago, Shiitake mushroom, Ebi Oboro(flaked shrimp)
-roll in the middle
Kanpyo, Hon wasabi
-roll on the bottom
Cucumber, Anago, Sesami
-Dashimaki Tamago
Egg, Fish broth
Mar. 3rd&4th only
Limited quantity
1 item per person

Hinamatsuri, also called Doll Festival or Girl's Day, is a traditional holiday in Japan, celebrated on the 3rd of March every year. This holiday celebrates the health and happiness of young girls.

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